Textfield with Datechooser

The Textfield with DateChooser allows a user to select a date from an interactive calendar.

The DateChooser can be opened wht Key-Listval. The selected date will be retunred as formatted text to the Textfield. The date format and the selectable date region can configured through Property Palette at designtime and can be can be programmatically set at runtime.

The Textfield is available in two versions. The Textfield with Button offers an additional Button to open the DateChooser. In the Textfield without Button the ColorChooser opens automatically while entering or after a performed double-click.

Both versions support the following shortcuts:

  • Asterisk – Todays date
  • Plus – Add one day to date
  • Minus – Reduce date by one day
  • Ctrl-Plus – Add one month to date
  • Ctrl-Minus – Reduce date by one month
  • Ctrl-Shift-Plus – Add one year to date
  • Ctrl-Shift-Minus – Reduce date by one year